Grow their brand, build credibility,
Show off assets, display safety features,
And stand out from the competition.


Grow their brand, build credibility, show off assets, display safety features, And stand out from the competition.

How We Can Help

Odyssey Virtual helped market $75+ million of Prince Edward Island real estate in 2019, and is the top property marketing company in PEI. We work with many businesses over several industries throughout the pre- and post-construction phases with the goal of boosting clients' business.

In today’s competitive construction industry, cheap production and marketing techniques will lower your success. We offer businesses the opportunity to utilize innovative technology and top industry standard techniques. Odyssey Virtual allows clients to grow their brand, build credibility, show off assets, display safety features, and stand out from the competition by creating professional and engaging marketing content. 
Professional Video Production
RPAS Advanced Drone Operations
Professional Photography
Innovative Logo Animations

Logo Animations for Innovative Branding

Branding a promotional video is critical to gaining proper and professional exposure for your business. Odyssey Virtual is a full video production studio with the latest technology to ensure your business is marketed properly! Turn an already good promotional video, into a spectacular promotional video by adding a professional animation. 

The Odyssey Virtual Process

1. Communication

Our process begins by communicating with our clients. This is a crucial stage which allows us to fully understand the needs, wants, and key features to undertake the project and further increase our clients' success.

2. Planning

Next, we begin planning the “storyboard” of our work. We also schedule a time that works best for our clients and if necessary complies with the weather.  

3. Shooting

Upon arrival, we will scope the property or project, speak with clients or any other personnel, and begin filming. The time required for the shooting process is completely dependent on the project scope and size. We can update clients more after we understand the requirements of the project.

4. Production

Lastly, intensive post-processing begins. Turnover time will depend entirely on the size and scope of the project. Typically, we will send a draft version of the finished project and allow clients to request any changes or edits. The finished project can be sent in whichever form the client prefers (ex. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).

Transport Canada Certified Drone Pilot


Our Technology

360 VR 3D Tours Prince Edward Island
3D Virtual Tour
Virtual tours are immersive 3D renderings which allow prospective clients the ability to view properties in 360 degrees. Clients may virtually walk through properties, much like Google Street View, anywhere in the world and even experience a space in Virtual Reality (VR). This service paired with our unique ability to cater to your needs, creates an innovative, unique, and luxurious experience.
Professional video production company | Charlottetown | Summerside | PEI | Halifax | Moncton
Cinematic Video Production
People say “a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million.” With the development in technology and social media, videos have become a necessity to all industries. Odyssey Virtual uses a combination of top industry selected cameras and accessories to create an innovative and captivating way to market.
Transport Canada Certified Aerial Drone Company | PEI | Nova Scotia | New Brunswick
Drone Photography
& Videography
Drones create remarkable perspectives and invaluable content. Odyssey Virtual uses the top industry selected technology to provide high quality 16 MP photography and up to 4K video quality. Odyssey Virtual is fully Transport Canada Certified (RPAS), and actively holds 1 million dollars in liability drone insurance.
Professional Real Estate Photography Company PEI
Professional Photography
With the development in technology and social media, professional photography has become a necessity to all industries. Odyssey Virtual uses the top industry selected technology, paired with highly advanced photo editing software to capture high resolution experiences.
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